design Ivan Pecis

We decided to name this innovative program DOMINO, because it reflects the philosophy of the game with the same name, which reminds us happy moments of our youth.

DOMINO offers you a 20×60 module to design your wall according to your needs and imagination; this module not only has a decorativepurpose but it is also a container: you can use it to design your wall while furnishing it with imagination.

The module container can be replicated in multiples to ensure a more rational containment.

The program is integrated with a wide range of other elements such as wash basins, mirrors, lights, floors, tubs, showers and accessories.

New finishes (concrete effect, metal effect, slate effect and mat effect) in addition to the traditional mat and gloss finishes ensure thedistinctiveness of the project and the maximum technical security.

The boiserie module made of marine plywood is available in three wooden finishes: bleached oak, oak effect walnut and noce canaletto.

Merati with DOMINO proves itself to be the top brand in bathroom design innovation.