Since the ‘50s, the Merati brand has been active in the sector of home decoration. In the early ‘80s, with the changes in consumer tastes and habits with respect to the bathroom space, the company began specialazing in the production of systems designed for the wash basin area.

With the goal of combining technology and style in its design Merati collaborates with indipendent designers, certain that design and quality are absolutely indispensable elements for success in a rapidly changing market where tastes change year after year. The introduction of new materials

illustrates how rigorous and continual research is e key factor for the company in the development of its products. Thanks to this future-oriented design orientation, Merati has, over the years, successfully reinterpreted the

bathroom space in a consistently innovative manner, reacting to the swift changes in tastes and demands centering on this important domestic area. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s products such as Spazio and Elettra (by Castiglia & Associati), 2001 (by T.Colzani), Acqua (by C.Bartoli) and later, Aria [by M. Thun), literally changed the design approach, the product type and the uses of the bathroom space, firmly establishing Merati as one of the leading companies in the sector.

1986 “ELETTRA” design Castiglia & Associati

1989 “SPAZIO” design Castiglia & Associati

1990 “2001” design Tarcisio Colzani

1991 “ACQUA” design Carlo Bartoli