Wellbeing is the result of harmony and equilibrium. If this priciple applies to house in general, even more to bathroom. The bathroom, place of relax and personal care, an intimate place and devoted to pleasure, has conquered an extreme elegance dimension, reflects the personality of who live it, without renouncing practicality, functionality and quality of the equipment aspects. Merati, in the variety of the dimensions and materials, of the styles and colours, in the reliability during the design, production and commercialization of this lines, gives importance to who will live the bathroom.

For this reason it’s easy to architects, shokeeper, installers to satisfy the requests and the desires of the customers. Like the water that runs to the sea, looking for the route with less resistance, Merati always tries to offer modern solutions, avoiding problems. Study and experimentation of the products guarantee a perfect result, demonstreated by quality brands. The route to create a harmony that reflects itself in every detail is simple like water.